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Shockwave™-Equipped lifts deliver efficiency in every bay.


At Tire Discounters®, adding Shockwave™-equipped two‑post lifts boosted productivity for the whole shop.

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“Once I saw the capabilities of Shockwave, it was an obvious choice.”
 – Forry Hargitt, Director of Sales and Operations at Tire Discounters

Tire Discounters® has used Rotary equipment in their stores since 1976, but adding the advanced technology of Shockwave‑equipped two‑post lifts completed the vision of a greener, more efficient store of the future. Now, every bay is a drive‑thru, full‑service bay that allows techs to work more quickly and accurately. Plus, customers have a positive experience with less time in the shop.

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Shockwave lifts are made for efficiency.

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Tire Discounters saw boosts in productivity and service, while saving money on energy and installation costs.

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