R180 | Pro 3D Auto

  • Rim profile laser scanner
  • Multiple balancing programs
  • Save weight memory feature
  • Pinpoint laser weight indicator

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Equipped with automatic wheel dimension sonar and laser rim profile scanner.  3D technology electronic wheel balancer with microprocessor perfect for balancing with maximum speed and precision.  The R180 saves time and material cost.  Faster efficient balancing reduces wheel weight consumption while reducing spins and repositioning time lost. Interactive screen output identifies hidden weight location position, provides detailed wheel analysis for precision weight placement.  


R180 tire spin

Automatic start when the cover is lowered.

R180 tire spin 2

Automatic stop in the external unbalanced position.

R180 tire spin

Automatic rotation to the internal side.

R180 tire spin 3

Automatic stop in the internal unbalanced position.

Technical DataR180
Rim Diameter10" - 30" automatic
Rim Width1.5" - 22"
Max Tire Diameter44"
Maximum Wheel Weight176 lbs. (80kg)
Read Out Accuracy1g
Cycle Time6 Seconds
Rotation Speed (rpm)<100
Power Supply110v / 60 Hz / 1Ø

Optional Products for R180 Wheel Balancer

R180 Balancer Accessory Laser

GAR334 Internal / external laser blade shows precise 12 o’clock position in dynamic mode.

R180 Balancer Accessory Van Truck adapter

GAR113 4.65”- 6.8” (Ø 118-174mm) Vans and light trucks

R180 Balancer Accessory Universal Flange

GAR131H Universal flange

R180 Balancer Accessory Precision Flange

GAR 132 Precision flange

R180 Balancer Accessory Precision Flange 2

GAR141-142-143-144 Precision flange

R180 Balancer Accessory Bluetooth Printer

GAR320 BluetoothTM printer kit

R180 Balancer Accessory Run out Sensor

GAR338 Ultrasound run out sensor

Electronic Media

Wheel Balancer Brochure


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