R1080 Plus | Baysaver 3D Wheel Alignment System

  • Exclusive 3D Targets
  • ADAS Ready - No additional software needed
  • Self-Centering 3 Point Clamps
  • Bluetooth Communication
  • Automatic Lift Level Compensation
  • Fixed Cameras
  • No Minimum Distance in Front of Lift
  • Can Be Used on Multiple Lifts
  • Easy Battery Replacement

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The R1080 Plus Alignment System automatically finds the target and detects their orientation within the space. The easy to use three-point clamping system provides more points of contact to avoid compensation for off-center mis-measurements. Our exclusive targets are extremely light and have no internal electronic components, so they are not prone to damage and require little maintenance.

With convenient keyboard control on each measuring head, Bluetooth® transmission between the measuring heads and control unit let you maneuver and use the measuring head on almost any platform lift – four-post, scissor or larger. The measuring heads feature automatic lift level compensation to provide accurate measuring regardless of how the vehicle is lifted.

The patented measuring heads have LED signal repeaters that flash intermittently while the alignment is in process. This synoptic flashing allows the technicians to open the vehicle doors without interfering with the alignment process. 

Standard Equipment

  • 1 control unit with PC, monitor, keyboard,printer, mouse and mouse pad
  • Wi-Fi donngle
  • 2 measuring heads
  • Extra battery set (2)
  • 4 clamps with targets
  • 1 brake pedal depressor
  • 1 steering wheel lock
  • Runs on Windows 10
  • Includes on site 2 years free vehicle data updates
  • Integrated target levels

R1000 Alignment System Lift Leveling System

Automatic Lift Level Compensation

R1000 Alignment System Measuring Battery

Easy Measuring Head Battery Replacement

R1000 Alignment System Measuring Mount

Lift Mounting Bracket System


R1080 Dector Target 2

Automatic Target Recognition


R1080 Alignment System Technical DataAccuracy Measuring RangeTotal Measuring Range
Front axle
Total toe+/- 2’+/- 2°+/- 20°
Partial toe+/- 1′+/- 1°+/- 20′
Set-back+/- 2’+/- 2°+/- 5°
Camber+/- 2’+/- 3°+/- 10°
Caster+/- 5′+/- 10°+/- 18°
King-pin+/- 5′+/- 10°+/- 18°
Rear axle
Total toe+/- 2′+/- 2°+/- 20°
Partial toe+/- 1′+/- 1°+/- 20°
Set-back+/- 2′+/- 2°+/- 5°
Camber+/- 2′+/- 3°+/- 10°
Thrust angle+/- 2′+/- 2°+/- 5°
Power supply110v / 1Ø / 60 Hz

Electronic Media

Alignment System Brochure


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