R1150 Leverless | Tire Changer

  • Patented NO LEVER System
  • Locking system suitable for reverse rims
  • Quick locking wheel centering adapter
  • Rim diameters through 30"
  • Tire diameters through 45"
  • 220 volt variable speed inverter motor

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High Performance True Leverless Tire Changer

The R1150 is a no-lever action, hub mounting tire changer that offers a safe and efficient way to change a large variety of difficult tires and wheels.

This tire machine can handle the most challenging tire and wheel combinations. The operator guides the machine using a simple 2 button control. The risk of marring a wheel or damaging a bead is non-existent, because all contact with the tire and wheel are made not on metal but on durable non-abrasive components. The wheel is fastened through the center hole by using a quick release shaft and wingnut along with a non-abrasive plastic centering cone.

R1150 Tire Changer RPM Scale

The electrical motor is equipped with an exclusive, innovative inverter, which regulates rotational speed by pressing foot pedal. Rotational speed slows as the stress on the bead increases avoiding any damage to the tire.



Compared to competitor’s models the R1150 Maximus is both simpler to operate and simpler to maintain. This tire changer is powerful using a 220v inverter motor, torque is always available when needed. The driver motor offers the operator true variable speed control so rotation speed can be customizable. The R1150 Maximus is built for maximum performance and includes pneumatic help device, wheel lift, and a full range of bead clamp devices and other adaptors.

This tire changer is great on low profiles, runflats, exotic rimes, and other specialty jobs while also able to change difficult light truck combinations such as 17.5” and 19.5” super duty wheels. 

Standard Pneumatic Wheel Lift

R1150 Tire Changer Air Lift

Standard Pneumatic Wheel Lift

Exclusive Auto-Touch Function

R1150 Tire Changer Head

Tire Removal

Arm head enters between bead and rim, levering on rim the tool pulls up on the bead, minimizing tire stress.

R1150 Tire Changer Mounting

Tire Mounting

Safe and easy mounting with non-abrasive tool, roller and rotating helper.


Easy Roller Feature

  • Bead-breaking in correct position
  • Easy rotation of the roller
  • Automatic side-movement of the roller
  • Memorized position for bead breaking of lower side
R1150 MaximusTechnical Data
Handled wheels from10”-26”/ 12”-28”/14”-30”
Maximum wheel width15"
Maximum wheel diameter45"
Bead breaker power (each arm2645 lbs
Bead breaker movementAutomatic
Rotation motor2Hp / 1,5 Kw invemotor 1Hp / +0,75 Kw motor
Recommended air supply115-145 PSI / 8-10 bar
Power supply220v / 1Ø / 60 Hz

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