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    Rotary didn’t invent the wheel, but we sure know how to service it. Our broad line of professional tire changers offers cutting edge technology and all the features you’ve come to expect from Rotary.

    Our changers bring all the best functionality to your shop and offer the choices you need to fit your bay and your budget.

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    R1150 | Leverless
    R1150 Tire Changer
    R247D | Swingarm Center Lock
    Tire Changer R247D
    R145 | Tiltback
    Tire Changer R145
    R145D | Tiltback VSC
    Tire Changer R145D
    R146 | Swingarm Pro
    Tire Changer R146
    R140I | Swingarm Shop
    Tire Changer R140I

    Super simple, super fast truck and passenger vehicle tire changers.

    R501N | Speedchanger HD
    Tire Changer R101N
    R560 | Mobile HD
    Tire Changer R160
    R511 | Commercial HD
    Tire Changer R111

    Whether you are dealing with the 12” tire of a compact sedan or a super single from a road tractor, our lineup of tire changers has you covered. Changing tires has never been easier and now you can rest assured that over 90 years of Rotary quality and commitment is there to back you – every step of the way.

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