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Shockwave is a tremendous addition to the already great platform of lifts available from Rotary. With these new lift features your teams productivity will increase, your number of service orders per bay will increase and you'll be shocked at the revenue increase!

Shockwave Car Lift

Because every shop is different, the exclusive SHOCKWAVE package is available on two of Rotary's most legendary products: the two-post SPOA product family and the inground Smartlift®, giving you even more options for increased speed and productivity.

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Product Information


Product Information

Spotline TM

Spotline TM motion activated laser
Greatly reduces spotting time by shooting a green laser line down the center of the bay and on to the vehicle's hood and dash. When you center the vehicle on the line, you're right where you need to be for a quick lift.

DC Power Reducer

DC power reduces operating cost
Uses two standard 12 volt car batteries with its own built in battery charger, plugs into standard 110v power, eliminating the need for expensive 220v wiring.

2x Faster

2x faster rise and descent
Shockwave's shattering speed is achieved through the combination of its patent pending DC power system and other tech friendly features.

More Productivity

More productivity makes happier technicians
Shockwave's increased rise height provides additional headroom and workspace for your technicians.

Shockwave HR



Product Top

Product Middle



“Our shops are more profitable and more productive because of Shockwave’s technology.”

With a Shockwave‑equipped SmartLift® installed in each of their 29 bays, Larry H. Miller Lexus Murray can complete one extra job per bay every day – generating more than $1.7 million in potential additional annual profits.

From speed and more revenue to energy savings, the combined technologies of Shockwave have a lot to offer. Read more to discover what Shockwave could do for your shop.

Download the Shockwave brochureDownload the Shockwave brochure

Shockwave ROI calculator

Potential additional jobs per day with Shockwave: x 1 job

Additional profit per week per lift:


Additional annual profit per lift:

Total potential additional annual profit: $0