7,700 lbs.

RLP77 Scissor Lift, Low Profile, High Power!

  • Synchrodrive™ Equalization System
  • Low Profile Design, Integrated Folding Ramps
  • Full Diamond Plate Powder Coated Platforms
  • Galvanized Bottom Weldment
  • Composite High Strength Steel Construction
  • Intuitive Console Controls
  • For any vehicle within the rated capacity
  • Flush / Surface Mount Options
  • ALI Gold Certified (RLP7N0000)

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Best suited for quick service, fast repair work, or shops with small spaces, this engineered lightweight lifting scissor structure will last you for years to come. A low profile design allows vehicles to pass over the lift platform with ease. Folding ramps with rollers provide perfect runway access for vehicles spotting. Ramps fold away to 65 degrees offering better access when wheel work is performed.

Extra wide platforms provide plenty of clearance driving on and off the lift; which allows for a variety of pickup points to handle many of today's vehicles. Technicians will benefit from the extra headroom this lift provides at over 78 inches in height when installed above ground. Incorporated locking system at each platform cylinder provides worry free use and peace of mind.

All critical parts are housed in a sleek console taking up less than 2 square feet of floor space. In-set air filter and regulator assemblies reside outside the console for easy access. 12 feet of standard hose along with included covers, gives you a variety of console locations.

Patent pending inverse piston displacement synchronizer - Synchrodrive™

Synchrodrive™ Equalization System Logo

The Sychrodrive is a hydraulic system that maintains platform equalization during lifting and lowering cycles. Blocked Platform functionality prevents out of level situations in the event of inadvertent platform or scissor obstructions. The secret behind the system:

  • Less moving parts
  • No sensors to fail
  • No electronics (perfect for flush or recessed installation)
  • It's not sensitive to independent pressure(s)
  • Less hoses, valves and seals used
  • Easy installation
  • Simple bleeding procedure
RLP77 Blocked Platform

Pictured above:
Rotary platforms remain equal with obstruction present.  Competitor platform continues lowering creating unsafe conditions. 

The Rotary Lift advantage highlights the additional features that make a Rotary Lift something special, versus other lift manufactures that just look at putting as little in their product as possible to get by. Images of these features and a description are listed below.

RLP77 Folding Ramps

Hinged ramps fold 65 degrees down and away, allowing for more access to do wheel and brake service on the vehicle. These same ramps fold up, lock in place and increase the lifting capabilities by extending the pick-up point surface area.

RLP77 Double Section Scissor Lift Ramp Roller

13 inch long underhung ramps with rollers maximize rubber block footprint, increasing reliability, and protect unlevel floor installations Ramps are 13 inches long for low approach angle and maximum lift length with ramp in up position. Ramps fold down to 65 degree tilt providing better access to vehicle tires (versus 45 degrees max for all competition). Ramps include Diamond Plate to help Increase Drive-on Traction

Galvanized Bottom Weldment Painted Over

Hot Dipped Galvanized bottom weldment for corrosion protection of below ground flush mount components.

RLP77 Double Section Scissor Lift Lock

26 Lock Positions featuring our negative rake tooth design. Locks ratchet over each other then interlock when lift it lowered to those locks.

RLP77 Double Section Scissor Slider Block

Easily access slider blocks for regular maintenance, see instruction manual for more details.

RLP77 Double Section Scissor Cushion

Adjustable lift dampener eliminates end of downward travel sudden impacts. Lifts not equipped with this slam into the floor causing damage to shop/lift and create unwanted loud noise.

RLP77 Kicker Roller Assembly

Stainless Steel Kicker Rollers provide long lasting protection to critical contact points

RLP77 Double Section Scissor Kicker Plate

Kick Plate eliminates corrosion on high contact wear area

RLP77 Lifting Ramps

Engagement and release of ramps is easily attainable from any angle of the lift, improving technician accessibility.

RLP77 Double Section Scissor Lift Diamond Plate

One Piece Formed Diamond Plate Platforms. Maintain Rubber Block Positioning. Increase Drive-Over Traction

RLP77 Double Section Scissor Lift High Strength Steel

Composite High Strength Steel Scissor Legs, Patent Pending

RLP77 Double Section Scissor Lift Controls

Scaled Up Control Console Design with Filter, Regulator, Lubricator assembly suppressed in side of cabinet, fully hinged door and top


Filter, Regulator, Lubricator assembly suppressed in side of cabinet

Synchrodrive™ Equalization System Inside

Synchrodrive™ Equalization System, a hydraulic cylinder system that does the lifting work equally.

RLP77 Fully Down

Pictured is the RLP77 collapsed to its 4-1/8 inch height off the floor. Outriggers on either side allow you to pull wider wheel base vehicles over the lift while still picking up the vehicle via the platform.

Capacity7,700 LBS.
Lowered Height4-1/8"
Overall Length85"
Overall Width85"
Runway Width24-3/4"
Width Between Platforms23-5/8"
Platform Length59"
Motor/VoltageSingle Phase - 4 Hp, 60Hz, 230V
Compressed Air Connection85-110 psi
Time of Full Rise39 seconds
RLP77 Double Section Scissor Lift Rubber Pads

Included Accessories

1/2 inch rubber blocks

Item #FJ2498

  • Set of four 1/2" Flat Polymer Rubber Pad Adapters
1-1/2 inch rubber blocks

Item #FJ2439

  • Set of four 1 1/2" Flat Polymer Rubber Pad Adapters
3 inch rubber blocks

Item #FJ2440

  • Set of four 3" Flat Polymer Rubber Pad Adapters

Optional Accessory (Not Included)

XX1000020 RLP77 Flush Mount Kit

Item #XX100003

If you're planning to install the RLP77 in concrete order this kit (pictured above) ahead of time to facilitate site preparation before delivery.


  1. 20 Nylon Anchors
  2. 32 Flat Washers
  3. 2 Angle Iron Weldment Assembly
  4. 4 Recess Box Ramp Supports
  5. 2 Hose covers
  6. 12 M8x16mm Bolts
  7. 12 8mm Washers
RLP77 Flush Mounting Option

Flush VS Recessed installation

Both installations in concrete offer the advantage of being at floor level. Which you choose totally depends on shop preference. Flush installation is just that, any floor around all parts of the lift are flush to the lift. Recessed version denotes that a portion of the area between the lift platforms is exposed. This leaves you with additional room, it also means there's a step down at some point into this recessed area.

Flush Installation


Recessed Installation



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