Rotary Lift Pictorial History Intro

The first Rotary Lift was installed in Liversiege Service Station, Memphis Tennessee. The name "Rotary" came from the fact the lift would rotate 360 degrees with vehicle raised. Pictured in the background of this page is that lift and the original "Man of Steel", Peter Lunati.
For several hours each day he’d stand in a grease pit and work on automobiles. Like so many inventors in American history, Lunati was able to develop a better tool, because he personally worked in an environment he knew could be improved with a little ingenuity.

One day as he labored in the pit, after his trip to the barber shop a friend stopped by and shouted down to Lunati “Well Pete, what do you know?”. “I know one thing, “ Lunati yelled back, “I’ve crawled down in this hole for the last time. I’ve got an idea.” And as we like to say, it was the haircut that launched an industry!
Thank you Peter Lunati
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Lift No. 100,000 off the production line October, 1959. Proof of its versatility was demonstrated by raising a 1959 model car and a 1924 model "T" Ford built the same year the first Rotary Lift was manufatured.
Evansville, Ind. Service Station
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First introduction to Rotary Jack a character used in various applications to point out all the features of a Rotary Lift. Today you get all of this online and via phone call to Rotary and our Distributors.
Inside Artwork 1941 Brochure
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Service person in photo commented "That's a damn fine lift, I was tired of laying on the dirty floor".
1949 Ad Cover Photo
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Wheels freed and springs relaxed for easiest, most effective lubrication. "The lift you've been wanting!" Our shop tire guy said "hand me my tire iron" and the lug nuts started flying.
Frame Pick-Up Lift
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Pictured is a shop in New York with all their pretty lifts in a row. No repair shop is fully efficient without a Rotary Lift. They pay for themselves in many ways!
Mechanic's Lifts
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This Local school corporation was excited to see the underside of their biggest bus. One little Chittenango 3rd grader's comments about the elevated beast's rise to the sky landed him a mouth full of bar soap.
School Bus!
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If we travel back in time on the information highway we see what our Rotary accessories page would have looked like in 1952.Here's our accessories page now!
Interweb 1952
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Thanks for keeping the proud tradition alive for the first 34 years, our men of steel still hold these values today.
Proud Workers
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Look at that boat!
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Shop owners tell us more and more customers want to talk with our service technicians while they work just to see their cars in the air.
Service Station in Chicago
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With more room to move around the lift and more lifts per bay these Rotary Lift's save shops time and money. Sounds familiar, right?
Dealership in Michigan
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We may be the oil capitol of America but that doesn't mean we like laying in it! We love these lifts.
Service Station in Texas
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Rotary through the years, a logo & company journey.
A look back...

Rotary Lift Pictorial History Continued

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Ad about how easy it is to install one of our lifts, now Rotary Authorized Installers are here to help.
Install with Ease
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Tom Cruise loved standing up under cars to change oil, way to go Maverick!
1980's Oil Change
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Even then, Rotary 4 post lifts made the job easier.
GMC + 4 Post Lift = No Tires
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This little dump truck says wee wee wee outside, all the way to 6 feet high.
No parking? Lift away!
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Rotary Lift Parts Decal
Genuine OEM Parts
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That's a mighty fine fire truck you got in the air there.
Madison Indiana Fire Co.
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Didn't know we made these, did ya?
Rotary's been making lifts longer than our competition’s been copying us.
Oil Lube, Alignment Express
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We were lifting trucks before Eisenhower decided to build interstates.
Inground Innovator
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"Lift the best with the best I always say." Unknown Marketing Manager
Corvette & Rotary Two Post
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No more door damage
Nice Porsche!
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Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night
stays these lifts from doing their appointed duties, lift me baby.
Lifting, Hauling Mail!
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More pretty two posts all in a row.
Louisville Dealership 1990

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