In 1925, Peter Lunati designed, built and patented the first fully hydraulic automotive lift and gave rise to a new industry. Since then, our obsessive pursuit of innovation has helped us build the world's most trusted lift. Here's how it all began.


The Original
Hydraulic Lift

Our first lift was installed in Memphis, Tennessee, at the Liversiege Service Station. We called it a Rotary lift because it rotated 360 degrees, allowing cars to be driven in and out of the bay in a forward gear.


Electric Power Unit

Rotary introduced the totally enclosed special high-torque 1 HP motor. Because the pump and hydraulics were self-contained within the cylinder, it eliminated the need for piping or plumbing. It also allowed the motor and pump to be readily accessible.


Rotary Jack

He’s not a lift, but we still think he’s history making! Introduced in 1941, Rotary Jack helped customers see the innovative differences in Rotary Lift. Today he’s introducing an entirely new generation to our innovative
wheel service equipment.

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Mechanical Seal

We unveiled our exclusive new pressure seal packing and wiper design. It was scientifically engineered and molded in a single ring, rendering the need to pack material around the plunger obsolete.


Flip-up Adapter

This new adapter featured great strength with simplicity of design. The entire assembly was joined with a single pin and provided stable support in any position. This design is still used on Rotary lifts to this day.

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Surface Pad Lift

Simpler and more durable, our versatile pad lift system bolted to the floor and eliminated the need for expensive excavation and installation costs.


The First
Asymmetrical Lift Ever

Our special design-engineered rotated columns made the SPAO-84 a genuine, asymmetrical game changer. Because the center of gravity was behind the columns, vehicle doors could open and shut with ease.

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The Original
"Double-S" Column

Our engineers designed the first patented double-s two-post column design that changed the industry. It added strength and rigidity to the lift structure and provided improved guide block longevity and carriage stability within the stroke.

Look at that double-S column!


In-Ground Lift

The Simple Modular Advanced Rotary Technology (SMART) required less shop space, needed only a fraction of the oil used by its low-pressure predecessors and was totally self-contained in a polymer housing. The lift was protected from the environment and the environment from the lift.

The SmartLift® Today!


Heavy-Duty In-Ground

The MOD30 system was totally contained in a steel enclosure that was sealed and protected with our exclusive EnviroGuard coating. This protected the lift from electrolysis, rust and other harsh contaminates that can reduce the life of a lift.

Heavy Duty Champion



The introduction of Shockwave gave new meaning to the term "quick fix." The world's fastest lift, it was engineered specifically to maximize productivity and allow shop owners to get more jobs in per bay.

Shockwave Lifts



Three cheers for our latest innovation in two-post lifts: the TRIO arm. Quicker spotting, easier maneuverability and a larger pickup sweep provide better efficiency, safer shops, and more profits for shop owners.

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As we continue we’re not stopping at lifts, as Rotary Jack would say, “When you buy a Rotary you buy the best”. So, plan on seeing more from Rotary with innovative products your shop can use to get the job done!

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