03.13.2018 | Why Faster Is Better for Technicians, Shops and Customers
Your lift offers the greatest opportunity to improve service bay performance

Shockwave-equipped-Rotary-LiftMadison, Ind. (March 13, 2018) – Faster service can make the shop and the technician more money, while also making customers happier. Of all the shop tools available, a vehicle lift offers the greatest opportunity for increasing service speed to improve service bay productivity and profitability.

“Speed is everything to the technician and the shop – it has a direct impact on how they make a living,” says Kirk Dawson, vice president of sales for Rotary Lift. “Every service bay is a profit center, and boosting revenue performance based on service volume is a key goal for our customers.”

Speed matters to the shop.

With the average service bay generating around $800 of revenue daily, according to NADA, servicing just one more customer per day in each bay can represent a big profit booster for the shop. The resulting revenue increase can position the shop to grow through reinvestment in equipment, facility and staff.

Speed matters to the technician.

Whether they are paid by the hour or by the book time model, the ability for techs to service more vehicles during a shift generally means they make more money. Plus, with the current technician shortage, those dealerships and independent repair shops that offer the best opportunities for techs to prosper will attract the top talent.

Speed matters to the customer.

Consistent sales for independent repair shops and dealerships alike rely on repeat/loyal customers. Getting vehicles in and out of the shop quickly makes customers happy, and pleasing them goes a long way toward building customer loyalty and word-of-mouth referrals.

A speedy way to add speed to the bay.

Rotary Lift offers a speedy option to slash the time it takes to spot a vehicle on a lift, get it in the air and back down again. Shockwave™-equipped Rotary lifts are the world’s fastest, with rise and descent times up to twice as fast as standard lifts. The lifts are so fast that many customers find they are able to complete at least one more job per day when using a Shockwave-equipped lift.

Because every shop is different, the exclusive Shockwave package is available on a wide range of Rotary light-duty lifts, including two-post and four-post surface lifts, as well as Smartlift® inground lifts.

“Techs can complete more jobs every day due to the ease and speed of getting vehicles on and off the lift,” says Dawson. “The online Rotary Lift Shockwave ROI calculator shows how a shop can generate upwards of $55,000 in additional annual revenue from each Shockwave-equipped bay.”

Learn more about Rotary Shockwave-equipped lifts and hear from customers about their own experience with the product at www.rotarylift.com/Shockwave.aspx. For more information contact your local Rotary Lift distributor or call (800) 640-5438. You can also find Rotary Lift on Facebook, facebook.com/RotaryLift, Twitter, twitter.com/RotaryLift, and at The Blueprint blog, blog.rotarylift.com.

02.26.2018 | Learn How to Improve Truck Shop Efficiency with New Rotary Wheel Service Equipment and Lifts at Work Truck Show 2018
Suite of products on display designed for fleet operators of all classes of work trucks

Mach-Flex-with-TruckMadison, Ind. (Feb. 26, 2018) – Rotary’s new line of wheel service equipment joins the most advanced mobile column lifts on the market to improve shop efficiency when servicing any work truck. At The Work Truck Show in March, fleet managers can check out the new R501N Speed Changer HD heavy-duty tire changer, R544 Pro Truck 2D wheel balancer and Mach™ Flex powered by Redfire™ mobile column lift. Rotary will showcase how Mach Flex can be configured with a truck frame adapter kit to lift light-duty trucks like the hybrid Ford F-150 pickup in the booth, as well as the medium- and heavy-duty trucks more traditionally associated with mobile column lifts.

Rotary’s products will be on display in booth #3075 at The Work Truck Show 2018, March 7 – 9 at the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis, Ind.

The R501N Speed Changer HD heavy-duty tire changer is designed for truck tires, bus tires and super singles, allowing technicians to dismount or mount a tire in just 30 seconds. The patented operating system leverages a distinctive compact design with an adjustable arm that makes tire changing a much more efficient process, regardless of the type of tire. Dismounting a tire is a simple operation: while the front bead breakers keep the bead in the drop center, the rear breakers continue their course until the dismounting is complete.

Also on display, the R544 Pro Truck 2D wheel balancer allows for quick and accurate balancing of a wide array of commercial truck, bus and passenger vehicle wheels. The balancer includes self-calibration and self-diagnostic features, can raise up to 441 pounds with an integrated wheel lift, and has specific balancing programs for static, dynamic and light alloy/aluminum wheels.

Rounding out this year’s Work Truck Show footprint will be two Mach Flex series mobile column displays. The Mach Flex series is an incredibly versatile family of lifts – with a 14,000 lb. and 18,800 lb. capacity option – making it a great choice for mixed fleets and shops that service a wide range of vehicles. Choose from two, four, six or eight-column configurations to lift everything from Class 1 to Class 8 vehicles. Rotary’s booth will feature a four-column set of Rotary MCH19 Flex mobile columns that can lift vehicles weighing 75,000 lbs. by their wheels and a two-column configuration featuring MCH14 Flex columns with a truck frame adapter kit. The truck frame adapter kit transforms the pair of columns into a frame-engaging lift, providing unobstructed access to the wheels and components mounted near the vehicle’s sides. Rotary’s Mach Flex powered by RedFire wireless mobile column lifts are operated by a patent-pending remote control that lets technicians move around the vehicle while operating the synchronized mobile columns for maximum visibility and flexibility.

To learn more about Rotary’s full line of heavy-duty vehicle lifts and wheel service products, stop by Rotary booth #3075 at The Work Truck Show Exhibit Hall, visit www.rotarylift.com, contact your local Rotary distributor or call (800) 640-5438. You can also find Rotary on Facebook, facebook.com/RotaryLift and Twitter, twitter.com/RotaryLift.

02.08.2018 | Mercedes-Benz USA Approves Additional Rotary Shockwave-Equipped Lifts for Mercedes-Benz Dealerships
Three models available for truck, bus and agricultural tires

Madison, Ind. (February 8, 2018) – Mercedes-Benz USA has approved the Rotary® SM14SW Shockwave™-equipped four-post lift and the SPOA10SW Shockwave-equipped two-post lift for use in its North American Mercedes-Benz dealerships.

With lift times twice as fast as the industry standard, Rotary’s Shockwave-equipped four-post, two-post and inground lifts allow dealerships to accelerate their service productivity and increase the number of service orders per day.

“Rotary’s Shockwave-equipped lifts are allowing dealers to perform routine vehicle service and maintenance more efficiently,” says Mark Fitzpatrick, Rotary OEM account manager. “Mercedes-Benz recently introduced Express Service, offering routine vehicle maintenance service while the customer waits, with no appointment necessary, at many of its dealerships. The Rotary Shockwave lifts are ideal for Express Service because they allow techs to get the job done quickly so they can complete more jobs in a day, while at the same time building customer loyalty by getting customers’ cars back to them faster.”

The Rotary closed-front SM14SW four-post lift has a lifting capacity of 14,000 lbs. and a rise height of 78.75 inches, providing more work area under the vehicle. Its 35-second rise time and 18-second descent means an SM14SW can raise and lower a vehicle in less time than it takes a standard four-post lift to go up.

The Rotary SPOA10SW two-post asymmetrical lift features 10,000 lbs. of capacity for lifting cars and light trucks, with a design that rotates the columns toward the rear of the vehicle with each column’s arms at a different length to allow for maximum door opening capabilities for interior access. It can be customized with multiple adapters, including a three-position flip-up adapter that can be used as a flat pad or with one of two differing-heights studs flipped up, offering three adapters in one easy-to-use package.

All Shockwave-equipped lifts are battery-operated, with built-in chargers that run on 110V current. This patent-pending approach eliminates the need for expensive 230V wiring, reducing installation costs by more than 80 percent. Because the lift uses less electricity, daily operating costs are also lower.

The Rotary SM14SW four-post lift and SPOA10SW two-post lift have both been third-party tested and Automotive Lift Institute (ALI) certified to meet industry safety and performance standards. They are now available through the Mercedes-Benz Standard Service Equipment Program.

To learn more about Rotary Shockwave-equipped lifts, and view educational videos, visit  www.rotarylift.com/Shockwave. You can also contact your local Rotary Lift distributor or call (800) 640-5438. Find Rotary Lift on Facebook, facebook.com/RotaryLift, Twitter, twitter.com/RotaryLift, and at The Blueprint blog, blog.rotarylift.com.