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02.27.2014 Truck Shows Offer Opportunities to See Timesaving Mach™ Series Mobile Column Lifts

02.24.2014 Unique, Patent-Pending Features Make Rotary Lift Mach™ Series Mobile Column Lifts Super Productive

02.21.2014 See How Rotary Lift Mach™ Series Lifts Help Maintain Vehicles Big and Small at CONEXPO-CON/AGG

02.18.2014 New Rotary Lift Mobile Wheel Lift Simplifies Heavy-Duty Wheel Removal

02.10.2014 Add a Truck Lift Simply and Affordably with Rotary Lift Mach™ Series


10.17.2013 Rotary Lift Showcases the World's Fastest and Bestselling Lifts at the SEMA Show 2013

10.03.2013 Upgrade Your Rotary Lift SM-Series Four-Post Lift to Perform Car, Truck and Bus Alignments

09.05.2013 Free Rotary Lift Webinar Provides Heavy-Duty Truck Lifting Tips

08.14.2013 Rotary Lift to Demonstrate Timesaving Mach Series of Mobile Column Lifts at APWA Show

08.13.2013 Twenty Rotary Lift Distributor and Installer Employees Achieve ALI Lift Inspector Certification

08.06.2013 All Previously Certified Rotary Lift Vehicle Lifts Recertified to New Standard

06.27.2013 Align Cars, Trucks and More with New Rotary Lift AR18 Four-Post Alignment Lift

05.16.2013 Learn How to Increase Maintenance Shop Productivity with Rotary Lift at WasteExpo

05.01.2013 Optimize the School Bus Inspection Process by Upgrading and Maintaining Your Lifts

04.29.2013 Long Beach Transit Orders 12 Rotary Lift MOD30 Inground Lifts

04.25.2013 Expand Your Repair Capabilities to Include Vocational Trucks with New Rotary Lift MCH413 Heavy-Duty Mobile Column Lifts

03.26.2013 Vehicle Service Group (VSG) and Stertil®-Koni Agree to Licensing Agreements

03.26.2013 Rotary Lift Helps Drive Audi Expansion in India

03.25.2013 San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency Orders 21 Rotary Lift MOD30 Inground Lifts

03.19.2013 School Bus Fleets Save Time and Money with Rotary Lift MCH413 Mobile Column Lift

03.19.2013 Save Time and Money with New Rotary Lift MCH413 Mobile Column Lift

02.28.2013 See the Industry’s Best Mobile Column Lifts in Action at the 2013 Work Truck Show and Mid-America Trucking Show

02.26.2013 Rotary Lift Base Plate Covers Enhance Your Lift's Look

02.25.2013 Rotary Lift SPO18 Two-Post Lift Helps Boost Productivity for JASPER Alternate Fuels

02.20.2013 KOI Auto Parts Names Rotary Lift Equipment Vendor of the Year

02.12.2013 Expand Your Service Department Capabilities with New Rotary Lift MCH413 Heavy-Duty Mobile Column Lifts

01.16.2013 Rotary Lift Spotline™ Laser Spotting Guide Now Available for All Vehicle Lifts

01.14.2013 Win a Free Rotary Lift Shockwave™-Equipped Vehicle Lift at NADA Expo

01.08.2013 Rotary Lift Provides Guide to Finding the Right Heavy-Duty Lift Adapters


11.30.2012 World's Largest Transit Agency Awards Contract for 570 Mobile Column Lifts

10.24.2012 Ordering New Buses? Remember to Order New Vehicle Lift Adapters, Too

10.01.2012 Rotary Lift Helps Chip Foose Make Car Dreams Come True on the All-New Overhaulin’ Premiering on Velocity

09.27.2012 Bench Controls Now Available for Shockwave™-Equipped SmartLift® Inground Lifts

07.30.2012 Groundbreaking Rotary Lift MOD30 Inground Lift Celebrates 10th Anniversary

06.06.2012 Rotary Lift Shockwave™-Equipped Lifts Approved by Leading Vehicle Manufacturers

02.13.2012 A growing number of North American dealers are trying to increase business by providing faster service to their customers.

02.08.2012 New Rotary Lift Shockwave™ performance package turns SmartLift inground lifts into hot rods

02.08.2012 New RCH4 is up to 30 percent faster than competitive models

01.23.2012 The World's Fastest Lift and Smartest Welder Are Coming to NADA Expo


12.19.2011 Rotary Lift Gives Away Its 50,000th SmartLift® Inground Lift

12.15.2011 Rotary Lift Introduces Certified Wash Bay Parallelogram Lift

11.01.2011 Rotary Lift Hits the Accelerator on Shop Productivity with Shockwave™

10.24.2011 From Traditional to Modular, Rotary Lift Now Has an Inground Lift for Every Heavy-Duty Application.

10.13.2011 Rotary Lift Introduces New Saddle Adapters for MOD30 Inground Lift

10.03.2011 Rotary Lift Introduces New Transit Package for MOD30 Inground Lift

09.23.2011 Rotary Lift to Feature Three New Heavy-Duty Bus Service Lifts at APTA EXPO 2011

09.20.2011 New Products = More Training. Rotary Lift Expands Factory Training for Installers

09.12.2011 Canadian Tire has selected Rotary Lift as a preferred vendor for alignment lifts, including the Rotary Lift Y-Lift™

08.12.2011 Tata Motors, India's largest automobile company, has approved two Rotary Lift electric hydraulic lifts for its dealer network.

07.07.2011 Y-Lift™ Lights the Way Toward Greater Bay Productivity.

02.07.2011 Sleek New SmartLift® Trio™ Superstructure Raises Technician Productivity


11.16.2010 There's Still Time to Win a Free Rotary Lift SmartLift® Inground Lift!

11.12.2010 Unique Y-Lift™ Now Improves Productivity and Profitability beyond the Alignment Bay

08.18.2010 Remember to Inspect Your Vehicle Lifts

07.23.2010 Vehicle Lift BIM Objects Now Available from Rotary Lift

07.20.2010 New Revolution® Lift Lease Helps Shop Owners Upgrade Equipment Affordably

06.14.2010 New SmartLift Anniversary Brochure Celebrates 15 Years

05.11.2010 Rotary Lift Introduces New AIA-Accredited Online Training Course: "Sustainability and Vehicle Maintenance Lifts"

04.28.2010 Rotary Lift Now Active on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Flickr

04.14.2010 New Revolution® Lift Line Offers Quality & Value at the Right Price

02.23.2010 Rotary Lift Launches Campaign To Give Away 50,000th Smartlift

02.16.2010 New Lift Increases Technician Productivity And Service Department Profitability

01.19.2010 Rotary Lift Plans Major Product Launch at NADA Expo 2010


11.15.2009 Rotary Lift and Revolution Lift Featured on Cool Tools TV Show

10.12.2009 New Quick Lube Lift from Rotary Lift Offers Speed, Reliability and Versatility

10.12.2009 Don't Let Inspector Clouseau Near Your Vehicle Lifts.pdf

09.11.2009 Rotary Lift Launches Inspect to Protect™ Heavy-Duty Lift Inspection Program

08.20.2009 Rotary News Release on Qualified Lift Inspectors Canada(French)

08.20.2009 Rotary News Release on Qualified Lift Inspectors Canada

07.13.2009 Rotary News Release on Inspection Program - Canada (French)

07.13.2009 Rotary News Release on Inspection Program - Canada

07.13.2009 Rotary News Release on Qualified Lift Inspectors

06.24.2009 Rotary Lift launches Inspect To Protect™ Program

05.27.2009 Used vs. New: Which is the Best Lift Deal? Rotary Lift Offers Free Lift Cost Calculator

05.26.2009 Rotary Lift Vehicle Lifts Now Available Through CMAS

05.18.2009 Rotary® and Chief Automotive® are Part of Newly Formed Vehicle Service Group

05.13.2009 New Rotary Lift MACH 4 PLUS™ Makes Traditional Four-Post Lifts Obsolete

04.21.2009 New Rotary Lift Web Site is Customizable and Easier to Navigate

04.07.2009 145 Rotary Vehicle Lifts and Accessories Now Available to Governmental Agencies through HGACBuy

03.30.2009 Customized Vehicle Lift Specs Now Available Online Through SpecWizard®

02.26.2009 Rotary Lift Releases New Heavy-Duty Mobile Column Lift Brochure

01.24.2009 SmartLift®, The "Original" Environmental Inground Lift, Helps Drive More Revenue for the Dealer


12.04.2008 TMC Adopts New Recommended Practice Covering Vehicle Lifts

11.11.2008 You Have the Right Lift. Do You Have the Right Adapters? Rotary Lift Offers Advice on Choosing Vehicle Lift Adapters

10.13.2008 New Mach 4™ Mobile Column Lift from Rotary Lift Makes Vehicle Maintenance Faster and Easier