• Providing you with valuable car lift information in various digital formats, below Rotary Lift offers a variety of ways to connect with the products we offer. A comprehensive brochures page will give you a quick glance at any of our products. Our substantial vehicle lift, video library is now sorted into product categories so you can easily learn more about a specific product though video. A featured press release and archived page will keep you current with any new products and industry news announced throughout the year.


    At the end of the day all we really want to do is watch a video, this is the place to do just that. There’s enough video to keep you occupied for a while, so sit back and enjoy the show. Video Library Page


    Our brochures can be found on each individual product page. This page houses all of our brochures in an easy to access group. With all of the different car and truck lifts available online you’ll be sure to find within these pages the world’s most trusted lift, Raised in Madison Indiana, Rotary Lift®. Click here for our brochure library.

    Press Releases

    We release articles to many publication, we also store those same articles in this convenient area of the Rotary Lift website where you have access to all. There’s information about new products, where and what shows we’ll be at next; and what’s happening around our home base, Madison Indiana USA. Current Press Release documents can be seen here.

    Lift Buyer's Guide

    When buying your next automotive lift, go beyond anyone's promises. Consider the answers to all of the questions outlined here before you decide. By thoroughly exploring your purchase, you're making a decision based on a lift's total cost of ownership.
    Lift Buyer's Guide Page

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