20,000 lbs.

Service everything with this one lift!

  • Patented Trio™ Arm Design
  • Available with Shockwave™
  • Original “Double S” Column Design
  • Air Operated Lock Release
  • ALI Gold Certified (SPO20X)

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New Product


The new SPO20 lift combines high capacity lifting, a low-profile stance, wider installation options and expanded arm reach possibilities and you can order it with our patented lifting speed package Shockwave™!

One lift to rule them all - Pictured above are all the vehicles lifted with the new SPO20!

This is the one lift your shop can use to pick up anything that'll roll through the doors.  Don't turn away customers and don't turn away profits. 

  • Turn to a lift that'll pick up class 1 through class 5 vehicles. 
  • Turn to a lift that has patented Trio™ arms so your technicians can easily position adapters where needed.
  • Turn to greater arm reach and service more with this versatile lift. 
  • Add Shockwave™ and turn heads with speed, 110-volt DC power and accurate spotting with laser guidance.

Trio™ Arm System

Three stages of flexibility in a two-piece arm!

No additional heavy inner arms to extend, you move the adapter within the arm easily. Trio™ arms give you 22% greater reach than conventional arms. This translates into tire clearance, greater retraction to accommodate more vehicles in the bay.

Adapters, Spotting Dishes and Shockwave™

The SPO20 comes with a ton of tools to help make your technicians life easier.  Also included with the lift purchase are adapters, extensions, spotting dishes which are exclusive to Rotary.  This all helps to make your shop plus this lift a versatile combination.

  • Adjustable thread-up adapters come standard.
  • Clip on rubber pads come standard.
  • 10” (2 each) and 5” (4 each) stackable extensions come standard.
  • Two (2) wheel spotting dishes come standard.

Optional Equipment:

  • Round adapters for unibody vehicles are optional.
  • Shockwave™ is optional
    • Includes DC power system
    • Spotline™ motion activated laser guide


SPO20 Adapters
SpecificationSPO20-WideSPO20-StandardSPO20-NarrowSPO20-Low Ceiling
Adapters Truck / Optional Round AdaptersTruck / Optional Round AdaptersTruck / Optional Round AdaptersTruck / Optional Round Adapters
Capacity20,000 lbs.20,000 lbs.20,000 lbs.20,000 lbs.
Max. Load (per arm)5,000 lbs.5,000 lbs.5,000 lbs.5,000 lbs.
Height ConfigurationsAvailable in height increments of 6" between 15' to 16'6"Available in height increments of 6" between 15' to 16'6"Available in height increments of 6" between 15' to 16'6"Available in height increments of 6" between 13'6" to 14'6"
Required Ceiling Height15'2" - 16'8"15'2" - 16'8"15'2" - 16'8"13'8" - 14'8"
Overall Width13'11"13' 5"12' 11"See note *
Drive-Thru Width117-11/32"111-11/32"105-11/32"See note *
Inside Columns132-15/32"126-15/32"120-15/32"See note *
Front Arm Min/Max34-11/16" - 64"34-11/16" - 64"34-11/16" - 64"See note *
Rear Arm Min/Max34-11/16" - 64"34-11/16" - 64"34-11/16" - 64"See note *
Min. Adapter Height5-31/32"5-31/32"5-31/32"5-31/32"
Max. Adapter Height8-1/32"8-1/32"8-1/32"8-1/32"
Shockwave™ Motor5 HP5 HP5 HP5 HP
Motor4 HP4 HP4 HP4 HP
Shockwave™ Voltage110v110v110v110v
Shockwave™ Time of Full Rise60 seconds60 seconds60 seconds60 seconds
Time of Full Rise81 seconds81 seconds81 seconds81 seconds
Min. Bay Size15'x30'15'x30'15'x30'15'x30'
* Contact factory for available widths, drive-thru clearance, inside column widths and arm reach.

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SPO16-20 Cutsheet

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