Rotary Smartlifts provide an open and aesthetically pleasing service area instilling confidence in your operation and translating in to higher customer satisfaction. Smartlifts have a smaller footprint, allowing for more lifts in less space. Less space can mean lower construction costs and reduced utility bills. Environmentally responsible Smartlifts are made from recycled materials, are contained in a polymer housing which protects the lift and the environment, are bio-fluid compatible and use 95% less oil than traditional style Inground lifts.

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Meet John Jackson

John Jackson Rotary Employee2

We'd like to introduce you to a man that has had his hands on Smartlifts® that are working in your shop today. John Jackson, Smartlift Team Member with Rotary Lift, has been a part of crafting a quality product for 38 years. Along with our other employees, John cares about how your lift operates once it leaves our shop and is installed in yours. That's why every piece that John touches gets his stamp of approval before moving down the production line. It's employees like John that make Rotary Lift® the world's most trusted lift. Take a look at where your lift is made and meet the team that have their fingerprints all over our success, along with yours - see what being "Raised In Madison™" means to them and why it should matter to you.

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