10,000 lbs.

The world’s best selling asymmetrical lift is updated to service a broader range of vehicles - with one innovative arm design!

  • Patented two-piece, three-stage arm
  • Vehicle Spotting Speed & Ease
  • Performance tested to 20,000 lift cycles
  • True asymmetrical rotated column design
  • ALI Gold Certified (SPOA10TrioX)

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New Product

TRIO Series asymmetric lifts are three arm configurations in one lowprofile arm design. With lifting capabilities of 10,000 lbs., Rotary engineers have created a patented two-piece, three-stage asymmetrical arm that accommodates a wider range of vehicles.

Light Duty Resource Guide

Versatility in matching the right adapters on a single lift is a win for any service bay and adapters are now interchangeable with three vehicle contact options. Technicians can choose the best adapter set for each vehicle to be serviced all on the same arm.

Trio Arm Extension

This shows the range of the arms, and the extension of the area.

Trio Round Adapters
Third Stage Placement

This shows the range of the adapter when fully retracted.

Trio-3rd Stage Reach
Arm Type

Trio™ 3-Stage Design

Trio™ 3-Stage Design

Trio™ 3-Stage Design

Conventional 2-Stage Design

Adapters Flip-UpTruckRound Standard Flip-Up
Capacity10,000 lbs.10,000 lbs.10,000 lbs.10,000 lbs.
Rise78"82 1/2"73 1/8"78 1/4"
Overall Height11' 8 1/2"11' 8 1/2"11' 8 1/2"11' 8 1/2"
Overall Width11' 5 3/8"11' 5 3/8"11' 5 3/8"11' 5 3/8"
Drive-Thru95 1/4"95 1/4"95 1/4"95 1/4"
Front Arm Min/Max21 3/4" - 43 1/2"20 1/2" - 40 3/4"20 1/2" - 40 3/4"24"- 40 3/4"
Rear Arm Min/Max37" - 61"34 1/2" - 58 1/4"34 1/2" - 58 1/4"40 1/4"- 61"
Min. Adapter Height4 3/4"4 1/8"3 31/32"4 3/4"
Max. Adapter Height10 1/4” 5 3/8"5 1/4"N/A
Min. Bay Size12'x24'12'x24'12'x24'12'x24'
Ceiling Height Min.12'12'12'12'
Motor2 HP2 HP2 HP2 HP
Time of Full Rise/Decent45 secs./40 secs.45 secs./40 secs.45 secs./40 secs.45 secs./40 secs.

Two Post Lift Accessories shown below | Additional featured Accessories Click Here

Trio Adapter Kits. Please consult Rotary Dealer for details.


Flip Up AdaptersFlip-up adapter kit for the Trio Superstrucure.
KIT T100274 includes components for four (4) arms.
Round AdaptersSet of Four Round Adapters for use on TRIO arms.
KIT T100272 includes four (4) FJ6219 adapters.
Adapter ExtensionsAdapter Extension Kit for use on RA/TA TRIO arm Lift Models.
KIT T100271 includes four (4) T130660 (3.5" tall extension) | (4) T130661 (5" tall extension) | (2) T130683 rack kit with mounting hardware.
Truck AdapterThread-Up Truck Adapters for use on TRIO arms.
KIT T100273 includes four (4) T110564 adapters.
  Three Stage AdaptersStandard Arms - Three Stage Flip Up Adapters
  Extended Height GM AdaptersExtended Height GM Adapters 
  Extended Height Truck AdaptersExtended Height Truck Adapters 
  Extended Height Auxiliary AdaptersExtended Height Auxiliary Adapters 
  1/2 Inch Pad Adapter1/2 Inch Pad Adapter 
  1 Inch Pad Adapter1 Inch Pad Adapter 
  2-1/2 Inch Pad Adapter2-1/2 Inch Pad Adapter 
  Mini-Van Running Board AdaptersMini-Van Running Board Adapters 
  Door DefenderDoor Defender 
  Tool HolderTool Holder 
  Air/Electric Utility BoxAir/Electric Utility Box 
  Base Plate CoverBase Plate Cover 


Optional accessories/adapters available with various lift arm configurations. Example: SPO/A10 RA/TA, SPO12TA 3-stage, SL210 3-stage (800 series & below) Please consult Rotary Dealer for details.

  Round AdaptersSet of Four Round Adapters for use on 3 stage arms 
  Adapter Extension KitAdapter Extension Kit for use on RA/TA Lift Models 
  Thread-Up Truck AdaptersThread-Up Truck Adapters for use on 3 stage arms 

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