14,000 lbs.

14,000 Four Post Shockwave™ Equipped Lift

  • 5” higher rise to 78.75”
  • Louvered ramps with polymer rollers
  • Hammer tone textured paint finish
  • Adjustable latch bars
  • Single piece non-welded runway with tracks for rolling jacks
  • ALI Gold Certified (SM14SW-X)

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2X Faster rise and descent than standard 4-post lift*


Versatility: it's the standard to which Rotary Lift's four-post lifts are built. These lifts handle cars, vans, trucks - even light and medium duty commercial vehicles with ease. If you service a wide variety of vehicles, Rotary four-post auto lifts are the right choice for maximum productivity.


Shockwave™’s DC power system gives you lower cost and more reliable operation while using two standard Group 24 batteries**. Shockwave™’s built in battery charger uses 110v power, eliminating the need for expensive 20v wiring - an installation savings of 80% or more!


Features already included: 
• Cylinder located under the runway
• Air Filter/Regulator/Lubricator
• 20" Single piece non-welded runway with tracks for rolling jacks
• Dual function Sentinel Lock™ System
• Adjustable latch bars

  Power Unit Mount 

  Unlike most other lifts, Rotary® power units are designed, built and tested by Rotary specifically for Rotary Lifts. Here you can see two options on where the power unit can be mounted to realize additional space savings in your shop.


Max Wheelbase158"182"215"
Rise78 3/4"
Length Overall18' 10"20' 10"23' 7"
Width Overall10' 11 3/4"
Inside of Columns116 1/4"
Between Front and Rear Columns171 1/4"195 1/4"228 1/4"
Height of Columns7' 6 1/2"
Width of Runways20"
Height of Runways7"
Width Between Runways43"-46"
Lifting Capacity14,000 lbs.
Motor5 HP
Batteries Not Included2 Standard Group 24
Voltage Single Phase110v
Time of Full Rise35 seconds
Time of Descent18 seconds
Min. Bay Size15'x23'15'x26'15'x28'

Optional Accessories shown below | Additional featured Accessories Click Here

  4 Wheel Alignment Retrofit Kit 
4 Wheel Alignment Retrofit Kit 
Convert your general service four-post lift into an alignment lift that is compatible with the new technology 3-D alignment equipment on the market today.
Stainless Steel Radius Gauges - S100074
Carbon Steel Radius Gauges - S100083
Without Radius Gauges - S100080



Rolling Jacks 
Increase your service opportunities by lifting the vehicle off the runways for brake, tire, suspension and alignment work. Rotary Rolling Jacks Feature: Hydraulic operation with 2 locking positions. Drop in rubber adapters made with high durometer rubber. Easy glide wheels roll smoothly in the tracks. A sweeper pushes debris away from the wheels.
  Rolling JacksRolling Jack 
7,000 lbs. capacity, 4,500 also available.
  Rolling JacksRolling Jack 
6,000 lbs. capacity swing air jack pivots and lays flat between runways when not in use.
Extended Height Adapter Kit 
Extended height adapter kit for rolling jack models, RJ4500, RJ6000, RJ7000 and RJ9000 to pick-up straight axle type vehicles.
  SB100003Extended Height Adapters 
Set of two
  SB100009Round Adapters for Rolling Jacks 
Sets for the FC5657/RJ6000
  SB100010Round Adapters for Rolling Jacks 
Sets for the FC5657/RJ6000
  SB100010Round Adapters for Rolling Jacks 
Sets for the FC5657/RJ6000
  SB100011Flat Polymer Pad Adapters 
Sets for the FC5657/RJ6000



  Radius GaugesRadius Gauges 
Used with above Wheel Alignment Kit 
  Filler Adapter KitFiller Adapter Kit 
Adapter filler kit for Rotary® alignment racks and bolt-on alignment kits to accommodate new three dimensional visual alignment instrumentation systems. Free upon request with purchase of any new Rotary alignment rack or bolt-on kit. Standard color is yellow for high visibility.  
  Ramp KitRamp Kits 
Allows for drive-thru capabilities, oil resistant non-skid coating. 
  Removable Work StepsRemovable Work Steps 
Removable Work Step 


  Oil Drain PanOil Drain Pan 
  Rolling Jack TrayRolling Jack Tray 

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