18,800 lbs.

  • Powered by RedFire
  • New higher column capacity = 18,800 lbs
  • Easy to use intuitive remote control operation
  • Control all columns from anywhere in the bay with remote control or at each column!
  • Includes LockLight on each column
  • Vehicle Height and Weight Digital Display Gauges
  • ALI Gold Certified (MCHF419U100)

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New Product
Perfect solution for Ford Logo, GM Logoand Ram LogoMid & Heavy Duty Vehicles.


Red Fire gives you the ultimate in lifting versatility, mobility and flexibility! Exclusive software means no more cords, keys, or chips. Two, four, six or eight column configurations can accomodate heavy duty vehicles up to 150,400 pounds!

Rotary's versatile, remote-controlled, mobile lifting system gives you the power and mobility to make service repairs anywhere in your shop.

Faster set up and operation

MachFlex Remote

Technicians simply follow control commands. Not having to wait at each column to sync before moving to the next column saves critical set up time. Remote control auto detects and connects when communicating to the columns.

Give your techs the ability to move around and ensure all is well with the vehicle being lifted.  The auto resume feature mean you’re in the bay and up with even more time to spare.

MachFlex Column
MachFlex Remote Closeup

New industrial grade controller

shows each lift column with yellow indicator light while pairing, and green light once columns are ready to go.

Controller includes:

  • On/off power button
  • Info screen
  • Battery indicator
  • Joystick control for up and down movement
  • Single lower-to-lock button
  • E-stop control
  • Convenient auto resume
  • Press ProtectTM eliminates accidental button presses and preserves battery life
MachFlex LockLight

Lock Light

Featured on each column, light indicates when lift is set on its locks.

MachFlex School Bus

MachFlex BoxTruck
Column Config.2468
Capacity37,600 lbs.75,200 lbs.112,800 lbs.150,400 lbs.
Lifting CyclesAbout 20About 20About 20About 20
Column Width45 1/2"45 1/2"45 1/2"45 1/2"
Approximate Tire Size9" - 24"9" - 24"9" - 24"9" - 24"
Clearance/Fork to Column10"10"10"10"
Speed of Rise78 secs78 secs78 secs78 secs
Charging Voltage110v charger* (call factory for alternate voltage)110v charger* (call factory for alternate voltage)110v charger* (call factory for alternate voltage)110v charger* (call factory for alternate voltage)

MCH4PLUS Accessory Runway System

MACH4PLUS LOGO The Mach4Plus is a runway system that utilizes Rotary's 18,000-pound capacity mobile columns to create a drive on lift. This lift coupled with a set of jack stands creates a lifting system that can be utilized in multiple areas of your shop. The convenience of drive on runway positioning, the flexibility to move the columns to other areas of your shop, and the power of rechargeable batteries make this lift a winner all round. Use the platform on stands for extended work, still use the mobile columns to service other vehicles in the shop

Mach4Plus Harness
Mach4Plus Down No Vehicle
Mach4Plus Jack On

Mach4Plus Top Down

North Allegheny School District

See how Rotary Lift is helping North Allegheny School District keep their busses on the road with the use of one lift, one lift that's doing the work of several in their shop.



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