MCHM14 Flex Max

14,000 lbs.

MACH FLEX MAX 14 Mobile Column Hydraulic Lift

  • Powered by RedFire™
  • Wireless Remote Controlled System
  • (4) mobile columns accommodating heavy duty trucks and light duty passenger vehicles
  • Control all columns from anywhere in the bay with remote control or at each column!
  • Includes LockLight™ on each column
  • Easy to move adjustable forks
  • Vehicle Height and Weight Digital Display Gauges
  • ALI Gold Certified (MCHM214U1A00)

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Perfect solution for Ford Logo, GM Logoand Ram LogoMid & Heavy Duty Vehicles.

Rotary's premium MACH FLEX MAX 14 mobile column lift gives you the option of not being tied to a bay or to your lifts. Get the job done where ever you have the space. Our easy to use design gives your technician the ability to operate a set of lifts from any column or with our cordless remote control saving time and steps.   LockLight™ let owners and operators know at a glance the lift is on its locks.   Large display digital weight gauge shows how much weight each column is lifting.  Easy to move adjustable forks improve set up time without the need for reducer sleeves.  Adjustment range is 6.3" to 23.6" to accommodate approximate tire sizes 9" to 24".


Column Config.2468
Capacity28,000 lbs.56,000 lbs.84,000112,000
Lifting CyclesApproximately 20Approximately 20Approximately 20Approximately 20
Column Width43"43"43"43"
Approximate Tire Size9"- 24" truck road tires9"- 24" truck road tires9"- 24" truck road tires9"- 24" truck road tires
Clearance/Fork to Column10"10"10"10"
Speed of Rise68 seconds68 seconds68 seconds68 seconds
Charging Voltage110v-240v 50/60Hz charger110v-240v 50/60Hz charger110v-240v 50/60Hz charger110v-240v 50/60Hz charger

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