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    Have you considered updating your current inground lift with a Rotary Retrofit? It’s easier than you think and you’ll get upgraded equipment faster and without the expensive cost of new excavation. Most lift frames, concrete walls and pits are in great shape. Cylinders can be easily replaced. This extends the life of a long-term investment.


    For repair shops with heavy-duty inground lifts that are 20 to 40 years old, escalating maintenance costs and safety concerns can lead management to conclude that it’s time for a new lift.


    Questions you should ask before deciding buy new or retrofit:

    • What does the concrete around your current lift look like?
    • Is the pit structurally sound? This must be evaluated by a structural engineer.
    • Will the new lift components fit in the existing pit?
    • What are the benefits of a new certified lift?
    • Is it possible to overcome current obstacles that we’ve lived with the entire time our old lift has been here?


    All these questions and any other you might have can be answered by filling in the form to the right or giving our team a call @ 800-640-5438 ext. 2 for the Heavy-Duty department.

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    Rotary Lift provides viable and economical choices to upgrade to a higher-capacity, certified inground lift with minimal pit modification and cost.

  • The cost of a new pit is a big part of the investment in an entirely new inground lift

    - Doug Spiller, Rotary Lift heavy-duty product manager

    Retrofit Option 1 - 70Q

    Rotary Lift’s recently updated traditional inground lift is the most cost-effective retrofit option. Benefits include:

    • Upgrade to an equalized & Certified lift.
    • Available with two to three posts for a lifting capacity of 50,000 to 75,000 pounds.
    • Simple push-button controls eliminate manual equalization of handles.
    • Can be built in custom lengths from 13 feet to 24 feet in 1 foot increments, to fit the needs of all shops.

    Retrofit Option 2 - MOD30 Frame Only

    The industry’s original and best-selling modular heavy-duty inground lift. Benefits include:

    • Technology that lets technicians access service, diagnostic and maintenance information, including up to 10 memorized wheelbase settings.
    • Available with two or three cylinders for a lifting capacity from 60,000 to 90,000 pounds.
    • Ergonomic upright control console features joystick controls.
    • Energy-efficient electric drive assembly requires just a half horsepower motor for wheelbase adjustment.

    Retrofit Option 3 - MOD35 Frame Only

    Shops can increase lifting capacity and add the latest technology with a Rotary Lift MOD35 inground modular lift. Benefits include:

    • Patent-pending pendant-only remote control lets technicians operate the lift from anywhere around the vehicle for more efficient spotting and lifting.
    • Available with two or three multi-stage hydraulic cylinders to provide best-in-class lifting capacity of 70,000 to 105,000 lbs.
    • Electric console can be located up to 100 feet away from the lift, providing technicians with additional work space around the vehicle.

    Retrofit Option 4 - Components Only

    Rotary Lift, the industry’s lift leader, builds all of our heavy-duty inground lifts here in the USA. That means we can come up with a solution for your specific needs. If everything in the pit and around the area checks out, we can suggest multiple options to replace the components and upgrade the lift.

      Call us today and we’ll discuss which option would work best for you.

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